Hello and welcome to my website. On this page I like to introduce myself.


My name is Pradip Luitel, born in the south of Nepal and lived for the biggest part of my life in Kathmandu.


My passion is media, after high school and college I have started my study in Media Technology (bachelor) in 2013 at Shepherd College in Kathmandu. At this moment (2016), I finished my second year in study and my internship with The Himalayan Times.


Through this website I like to share my creativity and offer my support where ever I can within the world of media.

I will share my portfolio on the blog which you can view by clicking on the link below this introduction.


Feel free to contact me if you are looking for a fresh and creative mind in media. I will jump in myself and make sure that I or someone within my creativity and medianetwork will meet your request.


You can contact me by filling in the contact form at the contactpage/tab or through my number and mail which you can find in the images below.


Thank you for visiting PGRAPHICS.ASIA